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Frozen Embryo Replacement Cycle(FERC)

The cryopreserved embryos can be transferred in a natural cycle or a hormone assisted cycle.

Natural Cycle: Women with regular menstrual cycle can opt for the natural cycle of embryo replacement. The process may include various tests such as:

  • Blood test to assess the LH level
  • Tests to assess progesterone and estrogen
  • Serial ultrasound scans to check the follicle and endometrium development

The woman needs to be prepared for the procedure. No drugs are used in a natural cycle. Ovulation is confirmed by monitoring ultrasound scans.

Frozen Embryo Replacement Cycle(FERC)

Hormone Assisted cycle: In the hormone assisted cycle, tablets are prescribed in order to make the uterine receptive to the embryos. To check the thickness of the uterine line, regular monitoring will be required. Embryos will be transferred when the lining gets ready.


FERC is a procedure that has various advantages. The first and foremost thing is that, it is cost-effective. The procedure also increases the pregnancy rate and the ovaries need not be stimulated all the time.